Receiving Notifications

Speedway can send email and text (SMS) notifications to anyone on your team. After all, API monitoring wouldn’t be much use if you didn’t find out right away when there’s a problem!

Speedway sends notifications whenever a monitor that was previously passing fails, and whenever a monitor that was previously failing recovers. The notifications include details about the monitor, the problem, and a link to find out more.

Setting Up Email Notifications

Email notifications are enabled by default, but to manage them, go to Account Settings.

Your notification email address is the email address you signed up with. Please shoot us an email at if you would like to change it.

To enable or disable notifications when a monitor fails or recovers, tick the respective checkbox.

Setting Up Phone Notifications

Phone notifications can also be enabled on the Account Settings page.

You’ll need to enter a phone number capable of receiving text (SMS) messages. The first time you enter a phone number, Speedway will send you a short numeric confirmation code. Enter the confirmation code to show you own the number and it’s capable of receiving messages.

Once you’ve confirmed a phone number, you can enable or disable phone notifications when a monitor fails or recovers, by ticking the respective checkboxes.

Additional Notification Destinations

Although each Speedway user can only have a single email address and phone number associated at this time, you can create multiple user accounts at no additional charge. This will allow you to send notifications to additional email addresses and phone numbers.

Additional destinations might be useful if you’ve got a rotating “on call” alias for your team, or want to forward the notifications to an incident management system like PagerDuty or Opsgenie.