Managing Your Team

Your Speedway account can be shared between up to 10 users at no additional charge (custom plans allow more). Everyone on your team can manage and respond to monitors, and additional admin users can assist you with user management and billing changes.

Any admin user can manage team members and permissions on the Team Settings page.

Inviting Team Members

To invite an additional user to join your Speedway team, enter their email address on Team Settings and send the invitation.

Speedway will send them an email with an invitation to create their Speedway account. Once they follow the link in the email and confirm their account, they will automatically be part of your Speedway team.

Managing Users

Admins can also manage the permissions of any other user on the team on the Team Settings page.

The Admin checkbox designates whether the user is also an admin. Any admin can add or revoke any other user’s admin permissions.

The Enabled checkbox designates whether the user is allowed to log in. If a user leaves your team or no longer needs access to Speedway, you can disable their account by unchecking this box.

If you need to permanently remove a user account from your team you can shoot an email to