Don't be caught off guard when your site goes down. Monitor it 24x7x365 with bots.

Fix problems quickly! Speedway's Protocol Bots and Browser Bots will test your site constantly, and alert you if anything seems wrong.

Active monitoring builds bulletproof web apps.

When you're aiming for high availability with five nines uptime (99.999%), every second counts. Don't lose valuable seconds, minutes, or hours by discovering problems too late. Speedway's high-frequency testing and rapid alerting buys you time.

Passive APM tools like New Relic and Dynatrace are great, but they only tell you about most problems after they impact your users. Speedway's bots simulate test your application's most important user journeys on a schedule, 24x7x365, so you can discover problems before your users experience them.

Simple UI-based scripting, with JavaScript when you need it.

Coding is helpful, but not required! You can set up basic scripted monitors with no code.

But when you need it, the full power of JavaScript is at your disposal. Use JavaScript code blocks to add looping, conditionals, parsing, and data extraction to your monitoring scripts.

For stateful, programmable monitoring of every site interaction or API endpoint, you'll be glad to have a real scripting language at your command.

Uptime isn't enough. Get eyes on your site's performance, too.

If your site gets unusably slow, it might as well be broken.

Speedway tracks your site's performance over time, so you can spot any hiccups or negative trends. Every time you deploy new code, it can potentially degrade the response time of your web application or API endpoints. Without Speedway you might not even notice.

With multi-region monitoring, you'll gain insight into how internet latency impacts your response times for users in different regions, and detect location-specific routing and DNS issues that could impact your site's global availability.

Geo-distributed active monitoring from multiple locations.
No monitoring infrastructure to deploy or maintain.

Predictable and budget-friendly pricing.

Monitoring Free
5 monitor scripts
1 region
Every hour
5K requests/month
10 users
Monitoring 99.9%
10 monitor scripts
2 regions
Every 10 minutes
100K requests/month
10 users
Monitoring 99.99%
25 monitor scripts
3 regions
Every 5 minutes
500K requests/month
10 users
Monitoring 99.999%
50 monitor scripts
5 regions
Every 1 minute
1M requests/month
10 users

Peace of mind is worth paying for.

Focus on building your own applications and entrust the monitoring infrastructure to Speedway. A little slice of your team's budget will substantially reduce the risk of downtime or breakage going undetected, and earn you the praise (or at least the appreciative silence) of your customers.

Fix problems before anyone even knows about them.

Speedway is the tool you need for a faster, trouble-free site.

Headless browser automation

Speedway's Browser Bots pilot real headless Chrome browsers, for the most realistic web application monitoring possible. Scripting with real browsers is easy, even for complicated web apps.

Monitor anything HTTP(S)

Use Protocol Bots to monitor all kinds of HTTP APIs: REST, GraphQL, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, you name it. In fact, they work just fine for regular websites and web applications too. Anything HTTP(S).

Instant email and SMS alerts

The moment an API endpoint breaks, Speedway can send alerts to anyone on your team via SMS or email. Alerts include logs or a link to the monitor, so you can quickly find the root cause of the failure.

Fully scriptable requests

Speedway's monitoring scripts support code blocks with the full power of JavaScript. Level up by adding loops, conditionals, and other control flow constructs to your monitoring scripts.

Response validation & capturing

Parse responses to validate the contents, and extract dynamic values into variables to use in the next call. Chain multiple steps together. If your site is dynamic, your monitors should be too.

Keep a performance audit trail

What was your site doing at 2:13 AM last Tuesday? Let's check! Speedway stores the requests, responses, and screenshots from every monitor cycle, so you can tell exactly what changed.

OpenAPI/Swagger integration

If your API has an OpenAPI (Swagger) specification, Speedway can pull in the spec so you can quickly add monitoring without switching between tools. If not, you can always create steps manually.

Built on the Loadster platform

Speedway is built on the Loadster testing platform. Once you master Loadster scripting, you can load test your site with the same scripts, to make sure it performs well even under heavy load.

Designed for DevOps teams

Performance and availability is a team effort. With Speedway, you or anyone on your team can create, manage, and respond to monitors. Take control of your site's uptime!

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