Speedway + PagerDuty

Speedway integrates with PagerDuty, so as soon as an API monitor fails or recovers, the right person on your team will know about it.

How It Works

  • You set up Speedway monitoring to run your monitoring scripts on a schedule, 24x7x365. Speedway then tests your API around the clock to make sure it stays alive, fast, and functional.
  • If your monitoring script generates errors, like HTTP 4xx/5xx or failed validation rules, Speedway immediately creates an incident in PagerDuty.
  • PagerDuty quickly notifies the right person on your team of the problem, so they can acknowledge and fix it. You can even set up advanced routing and escalation rules, on call rotations, and more.


  • Find out immediately about downtime, errors, and breaking changes affecting your API.
  • Understand and fix issues before they impact your customers.
  • Handle on call rotations and escalations. Monitoring your site and fixing issues is a team effort!
  • Keep track of issues and how long it takes your team to resolve them, to improve your DevOps processes and treat your customers better.

Getting Started

Already a PagerDuty customer? Integrating with Speedway is easy!

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Not yet using PagerDuty? If rapid issue resolution is important to you, give it a try!

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About PagerDuty

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