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Getting Started

Speedway is a synthetic HTTP monitoring tool, built especially for APIs. Once you have synthetic API monitoring in place, you'll be able to proactively find and fix API problems, often before your end users even notice them.

Think of Speedway like round the clock API regression testing… in production.

What do you mean by “synthetic monitoring”?

Synthetic Monitoring means hitting your API with requests on a regular schedule to make sure it is working as expected. With every monitor cycle, Speedway calls your API and checks the response status and content, to make sure the API is returning a sane response. Speedway also tracks the API response time so you can see how your API's performance changes over time. It's called “synthetic” because the traffic is being generated by the monitoring tool, not by your usual API consumers.

Passive Monitoring, on the other hand, means passively observing the API layer as it handles requests, and watching for errors or slow response times. You might already be using a passive monitoring tool such as New Relic or Datadog for this. We do too! They're a great way to keep tabs on how your production systems are performing and behaving.

Synthetic and passive monitoring are not mutually exclusive. To get a full picture of your API's performance and behavior, you should use both. Think of them as proactive and reactive.

What kind of APIs does Speedway work for?

In short, Speedway works for anything HTTP. As long as you can send an HTTP request at it and get back a response, you can monitor it with Speedway. That includes the large majority of REST, GraphQL, JSON-RPC, XML-RPC, and SOAP APIs.

Speedway even has special tooling for REST APIs that are documented with Swagger/OpenAPI. Just point Speedway at your API specification and you can quickly create monitoring steps straight from the spec.

By the way, Speedway can also monitor regular websites… we just don't make a big deal of it.

What happens when a monitor cycle passes/fails?

Speedway notifies you (and/or anyone on your team) when one of your monitors fails or recovers. You can get these notifications via text message (SMS) or email, with other integrations coming soon!

If one of your monitors fails, Speedway has the information you need to troubleshoot the issue. Click a link in the notification to view the logs and full requests and responses from each monitor cycle. In most cases you can quickly pin down what changed in your API or environment that led to the breakage.

Let's create a monitor!